Direct Effect Innovation Challenge

    USPS Direct Effect

    Farmingdale State College is proudly hosting the first virtual USPS Direct Effect™ Innovation Challenge on Friday, Nov 13th, 2020. We welcome undergraduate or graduate students from the colleges joining us and compete in such a special format. 

    What is the Direct Effect™ Innovation Challenge?

    The Direct Effect Innovation Challenge is a one-of-a-kind event that brings together teams of local college students for one day to design and develop integrated marketing campaigns in response to real-life business cases.

    Why participate in the Direct Effect Innovation Challenge? 

    Each Innovation Challenge provides college students with the opportunity to gain real-world experience, network with local employers, build their resumes, and compete for a chance to bring their campaigns to life. Through these immersive, hands- on events, students gain experience in designing and implementing an integrated marketing campaign: skills they will carry forward into the classroom and their careers.

      What happens during the event?

      • Business and community leaders present teams of students with real-life business challenges.
      • Industry experts share direct mail expertise and integrated marketing best practices.
      • Students develop integrated campaigns and design and create a direct mail piece by applying event learnings.
      • A panel of industry experts evaluates each entry and selects winning campaigns.

      What happens after the event?

      • Winning teams have the opportunity to work with industry partners to bring their concepts to life.
      • Students and educators have the opportunity to network with industry partners for potential internships and scholarships.

      Student Registrations

      The individual student can be registered through the link. We will place you in a team if you don't have anyone else to work together. Click the link here for your registration!

      Agenda (Friday, Nov 13th, 2020)

      8:30 amStudent Arrival and Registration
      9:00 amWelcome and Introduction
      9:10 amIntegrated Marketing and Innovations Overview/Intro USPS team
      9:30 amGuidelines for Challenge + suggested time use
      9:40 amIntroduction of Challenges
      9:50 amQ and A on Challenges
      10:00 amBegin Working Session
      1:30 pmPencils Down!
      1:45 pmStudent Presentations Begin
      2:45 pmJudging Begins
      3:00 pmClients Announce Winners
      3:30 PMAdjourn

      Digital Resources to Prepare Your Students

      Direct Effect® - Preparing Students for Modern Integrated Marketing
      Preparing Students
      for Modern Integrated Marketing
      Direct Effect® Infographic
      Direct Effect® Infographic
      Direct Effect® Innovation Challenge Overview
      Direct Effect® Innovation Challenges Overview


      For any questions, please contact:

      Dr. J. Betty Feng
      Assistant Professor
      Business Management
      Farmingdale State College


      We invite you to take a moment and click on the links below to view videos from past innovation challenges.  You’ll see and hear from students, faculty, USPS executives, and (live) clients and agency on what they learned from this experiential learning process, and what they learned from each other.
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